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Now In The First Year Of Cyrus King Of Persia, That The Word Of Yahweh By The Mouth Of Jeremiah Might Be Accomplished, Yahweh Stirred Up The Spirit Of Cyrus King Of Persia, So That He Made A Proclamation Throughout All His Kingdom, And [put It] Also In Writing, Saying,

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And In The First Year Of Cyrus King Of Persia, At The Completion Of The Word Of Jehovah From The Mouth Of Jeremiah, Hath Jehovah Waked Up The Spirit Of Cyrus King Of Persia, And He Causeth An Intimation To Pass Over Into All His Kingdom, And Also In Writing, Saying,

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ושנים אחד לכורש מלך פרס ויכלו ודברים יהוה פיה ירמיהו יעיר יהוה את ורוח לכורש מלך פרס ויעבר קול כל מלכתו גם והמכתב ויאמר

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και εν τω πρωτω ετει του βασιλεως του τελεσθηναι λογον κυριου απο στοματος ιερεμιου κυριος το πνευμα βασιλεως και παρηγγειλεν φωνην εν παση βασιλεια αυτου και γε εν λεγων

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