If you are a country club church working out of a country club building who wants to have a Country Club Church Website...
then for $7.95 month you can have one!  no


If you are a Christian Church working out of a Christian Building who wants to have a Christian Church Website...

  1. Contact your local internet service provider & request business interenet access with Static IP for your Church Building. ~$100 a month
  2. Goto GoDaddy & pick a Domain Name for your Church! ~$20 a year 
  3. Point the New Domain to your New Static IP address
  4. Purchase a $200-$300 server or just use an desktop computer?
  5. Download the Free Turnkey Linux Lamp ISO & burn to DVD or USB, install to server
  6. Purchase a TP-Link AC1750 Smart WiFi Router for $50-$100
  7. Put the Free Public Domain KJV Bible on the New Christian Church Website! yes

Why Host it yourself for? 

  1. All sermons can be saved locally & streamed live for those who cant attend. $Free
  2. Christian on trial in Finland for quoting the Bible on sexual morality.
  3. The Bible Word for Word is againist the Term of Service at all Webhosting Platforms since they mostly are Hosted at Amazon AWS!
  4. The Bible Word for Word is againist the Term of Service at Google & Facsbook & Twitter & etc
  5. Do you really want to support the Beast System? 



The Septuagint, Byzantine, & KJV Bibles used are in the Public Domain.

1 Adam and Eve    1 Baruch    1 Chronicles    1 Corinthians    1 Enoch    1 Esdras    1 Ezra    1 Hermas    1 John    1 Kings    1 Maccabees    1 Peter    1 Samuel    1 Thessalonians    1 Timothy    2 Adam and Eve    2 Baruch    2 Chronicles    2 Corinthians    2 Enoch    2 Esdras    2 Ezra    2 Hermas    2 John    2 Kings    2 Maccabees    2 Peter    2 Samuel    2 Thessalonians    2 Timothy    3 Baruch    3 Enoch    3 Hermas    3 John    3 Maccabees    4 Baruch    4 Maccabees    Acts    Acts24    Additions to Esther 10    Amos    Apocalypse of Peter    Baruch    Bel Dragon Theodotio    Bel and the Dragon    Colossians    Daniel    Daniel Theodotionis    Deuteronomy    Ecclesiastes    Ephesians    Esther    Exodus    Ezekiel    Ezra    Galatians    Genesis    Habakkuk    Haggai    Hebrews    Hosea    Isaiah    James    Jasher    Jeremiah    Job    Joel    John    Jonah    Jonas    Joshua    Jubilees    Jude    Judges    Judith    Lamentations    Letter of Jeremiah    Leviticus    Luke    Malachi    Mark    Matthew    Micah    Nahum    Nehemiah    Numbers    Obadiah    Odes    Pericopa Adulterae    Philemon    Philippians    Prayer of Azariah    Prayer of Manasseh    Proverbs    Psalms    Psalms of Solomon    Revelation    Romans    Ruth    Sirach    Song of Solomon    Song of Songs    Songs    Susanna    Susanna Theodotionis    Testament of Solomon    The Apocalipse of Sedrach    The Ascension of Isaiah    The Testament of Asher    The Testament of Benjamin    The Testament of Dan    The Testament of Gad    The Testament of Issachar    The Testament of Joseph    The Testament of Judah    The Testament of Levi    The Testament of Naphtali    The Testament of Reuben    The Testament of Simeon    The Testament of Zebulun    Titus    Tobit    Wisdom    Wisdom of Solomon    Zachariah    Zechariah    Zephaniah   

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